‘Struggle will definitely bear fruit’: Siddaramaiah credits Congress workers for predicted victory

On Thrusday, Congress veteran leader Siddaramaiah expressed gratitude to the party workers for working relentlessly during the poll campaign and hoped that their struggle will ‘definitely bear fruit’, as the exit polls gave an edge to the grand old party.

“I have a special appeal to our party workers: You have left home and family to work for the election. Now take some time off and spend time with your parents, wife and children. Our honest struggle will definitely bear fruit. Thanks again and best wishes to you all,” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

“Proud workers and fans of Congress Party. Congratulations and my thanks to all of you who continuously worked day and night, forgetting meals and rest, on behalf of the Congress party candidates.

In the Varuna constituency where I am contesting, not only from all corners of the state but also from other states have come and campaigned for me out of love and respect for me. I have not even been able to meet them and thank them. This love and admiration is the strength of me and the Congress party. My heartfelt thanks to all of them,” he tweeted in Kannada.


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