Strict action will be taken, says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

In the Chhapra spurious liquor case in which 70 people died the key accused has been arrested after which Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said strict action will be taken against all accused.

Meanwhile, Kumar further stated all the people who were involved in the tragedy were under scanner and most people in his state were in favor of prohibition.

“I have made it clear to take strict action against the accused. And do not act on innocent people without any purpose,” Nitish Kumar said.

Talking to the media Bihar CM Kumar said, “Everyone is on it. Officials from both departments are looking into this. They are investigating each and every detail. How and why this tragedy occurred? Who did it? Who supplied the spurious liquor in the state? Everything is being investigated.”

“When the tragedy took place, a lot of things were said from different quarters. Leave it. I do not have to comment on that. but when the tragedy took place, I asked officials what happened. How did it happen?” Nitish stated.

“Why wouldn’t be kept under the lens? Everyone was asked to keep an eye on every detail,” Nitish said.

Nitish further stated, “I had already instructed officials about these things. What would I do when people began to say a lot of things at that time.”

On smuggling liquor into the state and action taken against the persons, CM Nitish said, “The important thing is that you should know that most people are in favor of liquor prohibition. What will we do? A few people are involved from the beginning. they supply here and there. They are not doing good work”.

“We counsel them and sometimes people responsible also make mistakes. We also take action in such matters. You are seeing people getting arrested. Every day people are being arrested for supplying liquor in the state,” Nitish said.

However, against all the accused Bihar CM has instructed to take strict action.

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