Stray dog attacks: ‘Canines should be sterilised, vaccinated to maintain population control

Animal rights activists have urged authorities to set up community kitchens to feed stray dogs and ensure that they are sterilized and vaccinated to keep their population under control, days after two children were mauled to death by canines in Vasant Kunj.
The minor brothers were found dead over the span of two days. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said that “assumptions” must not be made as dogs “do not normally attack unprovoked. The incident is very tragic and bizarre, and the authorities need to thoroughly investigate what exactly happened.”
“Assumptions must not be made, especially as dogs do not normally attack unprovoked. If the Animal Birth Control Dog Rules 2001 would have been implemented, there would be no dog packs,” PETA India told in a statement.” “We urge the local authorities to ensure dogs in the area are sterilized and vaccinated immediately to keep their population under control,” they added. Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi held an emergency meeting on Tuesday and instructed officials to prepare an action plan within a week to control the menace of stray dogs.”

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