Storm sweeps away at least 20 homes into the ocean within seconds in Canada


As powerful storm Fiona swept houses into the sea and caused major power outages in the country, many parts of Canada suffered immense devastation on Sunday. According to the reports, death of two people had been reported as of now.The storm packed intense winds of 80 miles per hour upon its arrival in Canada, resulting in torrential rain and waves of up to 40 feet.In a spine chilling video shared widely on social media, homes in Canada can be seen being washed up by the ocean as hurricane Fiona battered port Aux Basques.Reuters reported, Storm surges swept at least 20 homes into the sea in the town of Channel-Port aux Basques.Mayor Brian Button described “a total war zone” in the area as 200 residents were evacuated before the storm hit.In Canada, over 300,000 people remained without electricity across five provinces after the storm hit.Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said that he had met with the Incident Response Group to ensure that “resources are available to help those affected by the storm.”