Steep rise in ceasefire violations, terrorist killings on a high in J&K

Till 28 Dece, Pakistan carried out 4,700 incidents of ceasefire violations at LoC, highest in 17 years.

The security establishments observed a steep rise in ceasefire violation at the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan and killing of terrorists in the Valley coupled with border dispute with China in Ladakh region.

Till 28 December 2020, Pakistan carried out 4,700 incidents of ceasefire violations at the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir, highest in the last 17 years.

In 2019, there were 3,168 ceasefire violations. Interestingly, out of the 3,168 ceasefire violations 1,551 have taken place since August. The security establishments noticed that it was after government abrogated of Article 370 in August last year, there were steady rise in cease fire violations. In 2018 Pakistan carried out 1629 incidents of ceasefire violations.

The government figures states that in the December this year till the 28th day, there were 423 incidents of ceasefire violations. In November, there were 350 incidents and in October there were 394 incidents. While in September, 427 incidents happened, 408 ceasefire violations happened in August. In July, there were 398 incidents

and in June 387. In May, Pakistan carried out 382 ceasefire violations and In April there were 387 such incidents. In March, there were 411 violations and in February 366 incidents. During the harsh winter in January, Pakistan did not desist from violations. There were 367 incidents.

The increase in ceasefire violations in 2020 is also attributed to India’s border dispute with China. It has been noticed that while the Indian Army is deployed in unprecedented numbers in Ladakh since May this year, involved in a continuing standoff with China, Pakistan started ceasefire violations in the Valley.

The security establishments also observed that Pakistan increased aggression at the Line of Control in the beginning of 2019 after the Indian Air Force carried out air strikes at a terror camp in Balakot in Pakistan following the Pulwama suicide bombing in Kashmir that killed 40 Indian soldiers from the Central Reserve Police Force.

Pakistan is also trying to push terrorists in the valley however security establishments are on high alert leading to more killings of terrorists.

The security forces launched massive operations both in the mainland and at the Line of Control to hunt down terrorists. The number of terrorists killed this year is 221 compared to 153 last year. In 2018, the tally was at 215 and in 2017, 213 terrorists were gunned down. The number was 150 in 2016 but with the cycle of violence increasing since then the death toll of terrorists killed in operations has been on the high.

Further, security establishments also observed that Pakistan has managed to carry out recruitment in the valley despite killing of terrorists was high.

Since 2013 when the tally of local terror recruits was only 13 there has been a sharp rise in terror recruitment. In 2017, the numbers were 127 followed by a big jump in 2018 when 219 locals joined terror groups. This year the number stands at 166.

Witnessing this, the government has initiated various outreach programmes to engage youths in various activities. Such programmes have gained ground in the valley as many youths have come forward, said a senior Indian Army officer. IANS


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