States Tell Gauhati High Court: 791 Police Officials From Assam, 120 From Mizoram And 75 From Arunachal Identified For Separate Investigation Wings

The Gauhati High Court in the case XXXX v. In Re-State of Assam & & Ors observed while responding to the suo moto PIL registered by the Gauhati High Court for implementing Police reforms, it has been submitted by the Assam Government that a total of 791 Police officials have been identified and have been earmarked for the purpose of being placed exclusively on the duty of the said investigation.
The court observed that it has also been identified by the governments in Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh have identified 120 and 75 Police officials respectively, for the purpose of investigation and out of these 120 officials in Mizoram, 40 officials will be investigating the specific offences.
Therefore, the said information was being furnished after the recent emphasis made by the High Court on the “paramount importance” of Investigating Wing from Law & Order Police.
It has been stated by the Assam Government that out of 791 officials identified for the investigation wing, a batch of 136 officials have been trained up by the higher officers of the Assam Police as well as by the Assam Judicial Academy. Adding to it, the court stated that there being a possibility that the training has worn off during Covid-19 period and an appropriate assessment will be done to evaluate some more training inputs are required.
Further, it has been submitted by the Assam Police that it has to put certain proposals before the cabinet for increasing the man power, creation of post etc, the same may also augment the process for separating of the investigating wing.
The bench comprising of Justice Achintya Malla Bujor Barua and Justice Robin Phukan in the case observed that it being for the Assam Police and the Government of Assam to take their own decision on such aspect but with the decision for having more man power and creation of posts would have no bearing in the present proceeding where the basic requirement is to separate the investigating wing of the Assam Police from any other duties that may be required and is to be performed by them.
Further, it has also been held by the court that the next batch of officials from the list selected may also be prepared by the Assam Police for imparting the training on the methods of investigation.
Accordingly, the court listed the matter to be next heard on March 14.

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