Start your healthy journey with oats: Multiple ways to incorporate Oats in your diet


One of the best forms of grain, which is gluten-free, rich in fibre, various vitamins, minerals & provide energy for a longer time tends to be Oat. Multiple studies conclude that consuming Oats has multiple health benefits, including low blood sugar levels, weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease and more. Oats are also a good source of antioxidants that promote heart health by lowering cholesterol and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Their high protein content helps to maintain your sensation of fullness and satisfaction while also promoting muscle growth and repair. Although, Oats are always linked to old and monotonous recipes to eat, many nutritionists have come up with various ways to incorporate this healthy grain in everyday meals to make it even more delicious and healthy at the same time. Oats stand out as a versatile and nutritious grain that can readily improve any balanced diet, whether they are consumed as a warm bowl of porridge in the morning or added to different recipes.

There are various ways one can cook a healthy and tastier meal with oats.
Here are some
cooking facts while making an oatmeal:
•Oats is more nutritious when consumed raw than cooked. Cooking does take away some of its vital nutrients.
•Oats is healthier when consumed with milk (if not lactose resistant) it adds the protein value and makes it easier & healthier to consume.
•To make it even better, add some delicious healthy seasonal fruits into this. Also, the milk can be of the choice that suits your body. Adding fruits makes me more fibrous, healthier and also keeps you full for a longer time.
•Oatmeal Yogurt: Another healthy way to consume oats and also add amazing probiotic nutrients to your diet is to combine oats with yogurt. Benefits the gut health, protein synthesis & keeps you away from sweet cravings throughout the day.
•Oatmeal Smoothie: One of the quick and healthy ways to consume oats is by adding fruits like strawberry, banana, berries, mangoes which not only makes it tastier but also increases the amount of good fats, proteins and nutritious value of the oatmeal.
•Oats Dosa/Uthappam: Another great way to consume oats is to make Dosas with oat batter. It can be mixed with the rice & urad dal with keeping oat and the dal quantity ratio more than the rice, this combination makes you eat a healthy balance diet and keep your calorie and carbohydrate intake in check too. The level of protein and fibre content with the fermented food benefit of uplifting your brain activity and mood levels will be a bonus to add into your healthy regimen.
•Pancakes: There are many pancake fans who love consuming it like me and also this recipe of making pancakes out of oatmeal will be a great healthy snack item even amongst the children population.
•Soaked Oats: one of the simplest ways is to soak oats overnight (6-7 hours) and consume it next morning. Although it’s always better to have oats with milk rather than water owing to its consistency and also the nutrient levels.
•Baked Oats: another great way to consume oats is baking it with food products high in nutrient value. One of the Perfect baked oatmeal with pumpkin purée, warm spices, and maple syrup, studded with pecans and cranberries.
This helps you digest it easily, improves your bowel movement, improves mood, attention and also has good protein level to keep you away from hunger and indulging in unnecessary eating/cravings throughout the day.
You can improve your general health and well-being by include oats in your diet for a variety of good reasons. You may improve your health by include it in your meals, which is a straightforward but beneficial approach. Oats offer a flexible and delectable alternative that can support a better lifestyle, whether you’re trying to improve heart health, control your weight, or promote digestive wellness.

The author is a PhysioPilates Health Expert at Fast&Up GoodEatz.