Standoff may be over, but war has just begun


History repeats itself for those who don’t learn from it. However, history strengthens the one who takes lessons from it. In 1962, China temporarily moved back from Galwan Valley in July and came back to attack India in October1962, just 97 days after the agreement between the two countries. Indian media even then celebrated the temporary win. That was 1962 and the Prime Minister was Jawaharlal Nehru. Now in 2020, the difference is that the Prime Minister is Narendra Modi.

The Indian armed forces are raring to go against the Dragon across the 3000 plus km of hilly border between China and India. Indian nationalism has already initiated the largest people-driven boycott of all Chinese goods. In addition, many other countries have begun to follow India and have joined the boycott of Chinese goods and Chinese largesse. Not a single Islamic country has spoken so far against China. That is not at all surprising because most of them were using China against the US and India. Now their mascot is pushed on the ground by them. They have no other option but to be quiet.

India has to move past this point. As many economic scholars have proven in the past that war spurs the economy. Our dharma shastra also says that when the enemy is weak, one needs to destroy them. China has moved 2 km away from Galwan into its own territory. This is not enough. History has been the proof that India won the military wars but lost on the negotiating table. This time we cannot afford to make the same mistake.

What should India negotiate?

•  China should stay away from POK, Gilgit Baltistan

 •  China must deliverAksai Chin back or risk a confrontation

•  China must stop all advanced military supplies to Pakistan. What should India offer?

•  ProtectionofCPECHighway passing through Indian territory of POK and Gilgit Baltistan

•  Peace long the Indo-Chinese land border What should India threaten?

•  Blocking of all Chinese trade passing through Malacca Straits

 •  Supplying money and training to Tibetans and Uighurs who want freedom from China

•  Exporting high-calibre missiles to Vietnam and Philippines

Unless, Indian policymakers and politicians make strong negotiations with Chinese on these lines, they won’t get it. Chinese fake nationalism coming from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made most Chinese believe in their false racial superiority over Indians. They have forgotten that any type of spirituality that they practice has come from India. India is actually the mother of their own identity which has been forgotten by most of them.

 Most of the Chinese economic gains have been due to the US which has used them to make items of daily use such as toilet papers for Americans. Chinese money is majorly invested in American Depository Receipts which can be frozen at any time during the war. The $1.4 trillion that Chinese know of is secured in ADRs. Most Chinese weapons are unlicenced, plagiarised versions of American and Russian weapon systems. Their rocket forces are equally and symmetrically matched by Indian missile systems. China must also be ready to face the US, Japan, Australia, India, Vietnam in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Fake Chinese nationalism has made it a security threat to the whole world, just like Nazi Germany in the time of Hitler. Chinese people must ask their CCP representatives whether they would like to be compared to the Nazis and Xi Jinping to Hitler. Expansionist China has become a security threat to the whole planet.

The business dealings of China in Africa are exploitative and reminiscent of the imperial era. China has effectively replaced erstwhile imperial powers. History must be shown to China that all imperialist forces were kicked out of Africa and other parts of the world. The ring of pearls has been converted into a strong noose by India, the US, Japan and Russia. The Chinese checkers have been checkmated by the Indian chess. For India, this is not a time to rejoice. This is the time to build the indigenous military juggernaut to take over Chinese military industrial base.

 India will need a well-oiled military industrial base to keep Chinese in control. While this round goes to the valour and sacrifice of 20 Indian soldiers and the leadership of Prime Minister NarendarModi,the next round will need the might of Indian military industrial base. The war has just started. Chinese tactical retreat should not be construed as a win. A lot more is to yet come. Attention India!

The writer is an independent political commentator and analyst.