Sri Lanka cuts tax on female hygiene products amid economic crisis

Amid the ongoing economic crisis in the country, Sri Lanka has cut taxes on female sanitary products in a bid to help women unable to afford the hygiene product, according to reports.
Local media News First citing the presidential media division reported that the “government has taken measures to waive duties imposed on five imported raw materials for locally produced sanitary napkins.” “It (the government) has also been decided to provide tax concessions for imported finished sanitary napkins as well,” News First reported further.
According to the reports, a price of a pack of 10 sanitary napkins produced locally will be reduced by Rs 50 to Rs 60 with these tax concessions, and the maximum retail price of a pack will be Rs. 260-Rs 270. The consumer retail prices of imported finished products will be reduced by 18 per cent or 19 per cent.
Sri Lanka continues to reel under a severe economic crisis. Earlier, protesting the dire conditions, Sri Lankan protesters had broken into then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private residence and set it on fire. They were angered by the unprecedented economic crisis. During those protests, several journalists were also attacked by the security forces after which more protestors gathered in the area. Notably, Sri Lanka is suffering from its worst economic crisis since gaining independence in 1948, threatening to undo years of development progress.

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