South Korea: Heavy rains wreak havoc in nation, 35 death recorded

Heavy rains
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According to Yonhap news agency, which cited authorities, at least 35 people were killed and more than ten were reported missing as severe rains wrecked havoc in South Korea, driving many to flee their homes.

According to the report, huge rain damage forced thousands of people to flee their houses. Rains have apparently been pelting the country since last week, with 10 people still missing as of 11 a.m. (local time), according to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, according to Yonhap.

Seven bodies were discovered by authorities aboard a bus caught in a flooded underground tunnel in the central town of Osong, adding to the death toll. The 685-meter-long underground roadway in Osong, North Chungcheong Province, was flooded the day before when a nearby river overflowed after a barrier was toppled by rising water levels caused by heavy rain, according to Yonhap Agency.

Casualties are expected to grow as the country’s rescue mission continues. Electricity bailouts have been reported in 13 South Korean cities and counties.

While electricity has been restored in the majority of areas, approximately 8,300 households in Mungyeong, Yeongju, and Yecheon in North Gyeongsang Province remain without power. Floods have washed away crops and highways, according to the report.