Snake found in Bengal Primary School’s midday meal.

Mid-day meal

Children in a Birbhum school experienced the horror and health implication of consuming lentils from a pan that also cooked a small snake. Several students of Mandalpur Primary school in Dheka area were hospitalized on Monday afternoon after consuming their midday meal provided by the government.  The officials said that around 20 of the total 53 students present in the school at the time ate the mid-day meal. They were immediately taken to Rampurhat Medical college Hospital.

A school staff who cooked claimed that a snake was found in one of the containers that had lentils. “After they saw the snake, everyone was asked to stop eating,” said headmaster Nimai Chandra Dey. The Primary Education Board Chairman Praloy Naik went to review the health of the students at the Rampurhat Mediacal College Hospital. He said, “there has been negligence and the cooks who are serving and cooking food should be more aware and alert.”