Small bedroom organisation tips


Clutter can accumulate and before you know it, it has taken over your home. Small bedrooms are particularly susceptible to this, especially if the room is not used as often as the main bedrooms. But, whether you use the room as a bedroom or something else, there is always a way to keep the clutter at bay.

Small bedrooms can be a great place to store and organise your belongings, but you will have to get creative with it. Here are some tips to help you use your small bedroom in the best way.

Decluttering tips

Before you can organise your possessions, a good clear-out session is in order. If you have the space, start by taking everything out of the small bedroom and laying it out. This way you can see exactly what you own. This is also a good way of seeing if you have multiple of the same items as well.

Once you have it all laid out you can begin to declutter. If there are multiple of one item, pick your favourite and donate or dispose of the rest. You can adopt the same attitude to things you no longer need or use. Local charity shops are always thankful for donations, so by decluttering you will be helping others.

If there are sentimental items, keep them to one side and you can store them together or find creative ways to display them later.

Space-maximising furniture

Small bedrooms are just that – small! So finding furniture that can look good but be as functional as possible is a must.

Beds are a great place for hidden storage. If you have a divan bed with built-in drawers, then you can help to keep those organised with vacuum bags. This way you will be able to shrink down bulky winter items and fit more in. If you have a bedframe without drawers, you can get boxes on wheels that can slide under the bed.

Wall-mounted furniture can be a great space-saver as well. You could attach a fold-down desk to the wall which can lay flat against the wall when it is not in use. If you couple this with some shelving above, any documents and desk items can be popped back on there to keep them tidy when you aren’t working.

Having wall-to-wall units can be hard in a box room that has an unusual shape or size, so getting bespoke storage units fitted could be the answer. This gives you the flexibility to design them however you like.

Smart storage hacks

Storage bags that hang over doors are a great storage solution for small areas. You could use it for shoes, accessories, or even electrical chargers. These are great for housing small items that look messy when they are left lying around.

You may have small gaps that could be used for storage. Buying a thin bookcase could be the answer. They do not have to be used for books – you could use them to display sentimental items you want to keep. Alternatively, you could use them as open-faced wardrobes and have folded clothes in them.