The Tribe Concepts, organic skin and haircare brand rooted in Ayurveda and herbal remedies, presents the Face Brightening Daily Cleanser which is a jack of all trades. This 3-in-1 cleanser is made with 12 organic tribal forest sourced ingredients that are incredible for the skin and can be used to fulfill 3 major skincare needs – cleanse, scrub and mask.

 Speaking on the revolutionary product, Amritha Gaddam, Founder & CEO, The Tribe Concepts, said, “Everyone wants flawless and supple skin. However, much like anything else, that requires a little care and the right ingredients to come to fruition. This can be challenging to cater to in the midst of our busy daily lives and committing to an elaborate skincare regime is difficult. With the Face Brightening Daily Cleanser and its 3-in-1 properties, we aim to make efficient skincare accessible and easy for everyone. We understand our consumers and hope to take away all their skincare woes with each new product and campaign.”

 In the daily hustle and bustle of life, it can often be challenging to invest time into an elaborate skincare routine. This is where The Tribe Concept’s 3-in-1 cleanser comes to the rescue. Made with rich and effective ingredients such as wild turmeric root, neem leaves, sun-dried rose petals, and more, this cleanser is made for those on the go. Engulfed in this one cleanser are innumerable benefits – skin brightening, evening of skin tone, spot reduction, tan removal, blackhead removal, and overall clear and radiant skin.

HASSLE-FREE AND POWER-PACKED CLEANSER for Rs. 549/-. It offers the goodness of multiple products and is an absolute value for money. The best part – this cleanser is versatile in more ways than one. You can use it whenever you want and however, you want. It is made for all skin types and isn’t restricted by any gender boundaries. The Tribe Concept’s Face Brightening Daily Cleanser is for everyone. While you go and conquer your daily goals, this cleanser looks after your skin for you.

The Tribe Concepts is driven by its mission to introduce Ayurvedic and organic skin and hair care alternatives in the Indian market and they make strides for the same with each new launch.

The 3-in-1 cleanser is a hassle-free and effective cleanser for anyone and everyone and is packed with the goodness of nature. Whether it is by itself or as a part of one of their incredible gift sets, get your hands on the Face Brightening Daily Cleanser now.