Single parenting: Big responsibility that requires skills and patience

The word ‘Parenting’ invokes sweet, tender and scary emotions at the same time in a person. It is a big responsibility that requires skills and patience to be able to walk a tight rope. A single parent has to play multiple roles and take care of duties which are generally divided between both the parents otherwise. This can be extremely draining physically, mentally and financially. Many times a parent takes this decision and responsibility without understanding the gravity of situation. Assuming that they will be able to do it because their intentions are good and they mean well for the child. This is true but what people tend to overlook is that, they have their limitations being a human too. Many times when things are not going in right direction with the child, single parents start questioning and doubting their own decisions. Children living with a single parent may develop complexes or insecurities as a result they may indulge in age inappropriate or precarious behaviour. Single parent takes the onus on to themselves and start nurturing feelings of guilt. Even as a couple parents plan and divide responsibilities of their children, and when a single parent has to do all by themselves, lots of support and a kind of safety net is required so that they do not succumb to exhaustion of any kind. There are no rules or manuals for parenting because we are raising humans and not machines. Every human baby has their own distinct needs and characteristics, they have their own set of problems and issues changing constantly with their age group. And every single parent has their own unique combination of issues and boundaries. Parenting is an expertise that is acquired while practicing and learning over the period of time with envelopments. There could be wrong decisions, mistakes and hardships but that’s how you do it, hit and trial and see what works best and brings the right outcome. The values that are given to us make us think that our parents are idols and we must put them on a pedestal, it is at times difficult to imagine and believe that our parents can make any mistakes. Times have changed, parents can be wrong and now they do not hesitate to admit and try fix their faults. Parenting has become more of a two-way communication rather than kind of an instructional design pattern as it used to be. Whether one has been a good parent or unsuccessful one, it only gets clear in the hindsight when children have grown up and become adults. Parenting is like a difficult trek, once you reach the summit only then you get to know if it was worth it. So till then happy parenting folks and wishing you the best of view once you reach the summit. 

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