Silent eyes and heart

What are the eyes for? To enable us, in silence, to see the world with ‘soul conscious’ vision. Our physical eyes are very mischievous; it is far better to look at everything with the third eye. Then you see only what is useful, and the actions that follow will benefit yourself and others.
Use your inner eye to look at others’ virtues and special talents. Only the external eyes spot defects. When we see the good points in other people, they experience love and happiness. When we tell others about their specialities and virtues, they themselves realise their defects and remove them. Why insult another person? As is our vision, so too is our world. Some people have a very sweet vision, and those feelings show through their eyes and behaviour. Whatever we do outwardly can be seen by everyone.
During your silence practice, direct your third eye too at God’s eyes. God forgives, forgets and draws us toward Him. If someone has very weak eyesight, some quick surgery can help that person to see clearly again. In the same way, God operates on the third eye so that we can see the self, God, actions, and time. Silence is an eye spa for fast surgical operations.
If you have a generous heart, you will never have wasteful thoughts, use unnecessary words or be bombarded with extraneous noise. Introspection – which comes from silence – makes our feelings and intentions for ourselves and others good and filled with love. Others automatically sense these feelings. We do not need to move into words. The sound from your heart travels directly to their hearts. Everything happens internally, quietly. If you apply these rules of sensory silence to yourself, your create a generous life, and others learn by example. You do not need to tell everyone. Just do good actions, motivated by humility, truth and divinity. Whatever seeds we sow, we receive the fruits accordingly. If we sow seeds that bear thorns, we cannot expect to eat mangoes. So, engage in such acts of goodness and charity that the results are of benefit not only to yourself but also to the world.
The late Anthony Strano was an author and Rajyoga teacher with the Brahma Kumaris.

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