Sikh woman shot dead outside gas station in Canada

A 21-year-old Sikh woman was shot dead in Canada in a shooting incident outside a gas station in Mississauga. The victim has been identified as Pawanpreet Kaur and according to the Peel Regional Police she used to work at the gas station. The Peel Regional Police provide policing services for Peel Region in Ontario, Canada. It is the second largest municipal police service in Ontario after the Toronto Police Service.

The police revealed that the victim was from Brampton and added that when officials arrived at the shooting site, they saw the woman with gunshot wounds. Life-saving measures were attempted but the woman died. The police is suspecting the incident to be the targeted killing and subsequently the homicide unit has taken over the investigation. 

According to CBC citing a news release, police said that the suspect was in a three-quarter-length dark winter jacket with a hood, dark winter boots, dark pants, a dark winter toque and white gloves. It appears that he was smoking a cigarette. Police said he did not pull the hood up over his head until shortly before shooting the victim at close range.

After canvassing the area for video and interviewing witnesses, police have determined that the suspect was on foot in the area three hours before the shooting. Earlier, he was seen crossing over Britannia Road, east of the intersection, and crossing Creditview Road, north of the intersection, CBC reported. After the shooting, he was seen running westbound across Creditview Road, then westbound on Britannia Road, and then westbound onto Camgreen Circle. 

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