Siddaramaiah reviews Haveri district’s progress, Issues strict instructions for improvement


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah instructed the Deputy Commissioner of Haveri that as Haveri district is far behind the state average in terms of health, income, human development and education index, the district should see progress in all these sectors in the coming days.
He reviewed the progress at the district administration hall in Haveri today.
Haveri district is ranked 17th in health index, 21st in income index, 27th in human development index and 28th in education index. The average income of Haveri district is very less than the average income of the state. Thus, the Chief Minister observed that Haveri district is very backward and gave this instruction to the officials.
Action Plan for Employment Creation:
The district is mainly dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. Small farmers are the majority here. There is no other way without creating employment. He instructed the Deputy Commissioner to prepare an action plan in this regard.
The people of the country have brought us to power with high expectations. Officials must work proactively to meet these expectations. Indifference and irresponsibility will not be tolerated for any reason. Appropriate action should be taken. He asked officials to act quickly and efficiently according to the expectations of the people.

Appropriate action should be taken so that agriculture and allied activities do not face problem in the district. Quality seeds should be supplied along with pesticides and fertilizers. If there are complaints of poor quality seed, it should be detected immediately and stringent action should be taken. The JD and DD of the Agriculture Department were warned that if there is a complaint from the farmers, you will be held directly responsible.
The Chief Minister expressed his displeasure over the absence of the DCC Bank MD and the Joint Registrar of the Co-operative Department, and asked him to issue a notice as to the reason for his absence, even though he had given notice of the meeting.

Budget Implementation
The budget will come into effect from August 1. It should be brought to the attention of the farmers that the interest free loan of the farmers has been increased from 3 to 5 lakhs. Interest-free loans up to 5 lakhs should be given to farmers so that they don’t face any problem. He suggested that credit facility of up to 15 lakhs should be provided to the farmers at 3 per cent interest rate.
Krishibhagya Yojana should be restarted from August 1 as announced in the budget. In the evaluation conducted by the Karnataka Evaluation Authority, there has been a report that the farming community has been greatly benefited by the farms.
So it was suggested that it should be relaunched again.
Chief Minister also advised Agriculture Department officers to ensure effective functioning of Krishi Yantradhare centers.

Guarantee schemes
What is the progress of implementation of five guarantee schemes of the government? He questioned the officers of Food Department, Transport Department and HESCOM one by one whether there were any problems in implementation and gave clear instructions for adequate implementation.
He read the reports in the newspapers about the district hospital, Shiggaaon bus stand mess, poor quality egg supply to Anganwadis, increase in cybercrime cases, sewage problem, drinking water problem and asked the concerned officials what action they have taken to rectify them.
He took to task the officials who did not respond appropriately to and directed to resolve the issues immediately.