SIA conduct raids at eight different places in J&K

In order to look into the recipients of slush funds moving through the well-known secessionist Maulavi Sarjan Barkati of south Kashmir, the J&K State Investigation Agency (SIA) started a search operation on Saturday at eight different locations.

Government sources claim that more than Rs 1.5 crore in funds were raised through crowdfunding and from allegedly terrorist sources and used for profiteering, personal gain, and the advancement of secessionist-terrorist campaigns.

According to government officials, Maulavi Sarjan Barkati of South Kashmir “is known for mobilizing thousands onto the streets during the violent agitation through his inflammatory oratory.” According to additional sources, Sarjan Barkati, also known as the pied piper, “used to publicly call and incite youth to take to violence and pull down the Indian state in J&K.”.

Jammu & Kashmir Police said on Saturday that security personnel and militants had previously engaged in combat in Pulwama’s Mitrigam neighborhood.

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