Shraddha murder case: CCTV shows Aaftab walking with a bag suspected of victim’s remains

Aftab poonewala

In a major development to the Shraddha murder case, a CCTV video has emerged in which the accused Aaftab Poonawala can be seen carrying a bag during the early hours. It is being suspected that the bag he was carrying were of the remains of Shraddha.  The cops are suspecting that he was carrying Walkar’s body parts. In this gruesome murder this is a first such CCTV video that has come to light.

Police are interrogating Poonawala who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha over the footage. So far the investigation has revealed that Aaftab had murdered Shraddha on May 18. He chopped her body into 35 pieces and kept them in the fridge. After the murder he disposed off his body parts throughout different locations. A search operation was conducted by police to find the remains of the victim including head. Police have recovered some remains which have now sent to forensics and DNA sample of victim’s father has been collected to match the remains found.  The digital devices of both Shraddha and Aftaab have also been sent for “forensic retrieval of data”.

During the interrogation, the accused revealed that the duo used to have frequent fights and that he strangled her to death as she was pressuring him to get married. Aaftab used to work in a call center in Gurugram but was later sacked for his behavioural issues. It has also come to light that in 2020 Shraddha had was assaulted and had filed a police complaint. She also approached some of her friends at that time seeking help.