In the first image from his debut movie Double XL, Shikhar Dhawan dances hand in hand with Huma Qureshi.

An upcoming movie, ‘Double XL’ starring Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi is set to introduce cricketer Shikhar Dhawan to his new innings as an actor. In a brand-new still from the movie, Shikhar is seen dancing with Huma, who is wearing a red gown, while sporting his signature hairstyle and a black suit.

In the slice-of-life comic drama Double XL, two plus-sized women, fashion designer Saira Khanna (Sonakshi Sinha) from New Delhi and sports presenter Rajshree Trivedi (Huma Qureshi) from Meerut, navigate society’s expectations of beauty. It will debut on Netflix on November 4 and is helmed by Helmet director Satramm Ramani.

Shikhar claimed that the movie’s plot had a profound effect on him and that this is why he accepted to take on the project. He was reported by Pinkvilla as stating, “As an athlete competing for the country, life is constantly very chaotic. Watching enjoyable movies is one of my favourite pleasures. When this chance presented itself and I heard the tale, it had a profound effect on me. This is a beautiful message for society as a whole, and I sincerely hope that many young ladies and boys will never give up on their aspirations.

Meet Rajshri Trivedi, was the motion poster Huma used to introduce her character last weekend. They assert that she is ineligible to present sports. She is supposedly too big to appear on television, but see what happened! Her drive is greater, and she will disprove everyone. Meet Saira Khanna. That’s what Sonakshi said on the character poster she unveiled. She can’t be a fashion designer, they claim. She is supposedly too big for her clothes, yet sees what happened! Her goals are greater, and she is working hard to achieve them.

Mahat Raghavendra and Zaheer Iqbal are also featured in the movie. It is presented by T-Series, Wakaoo Films, and Reclining Seats Cinema and is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vipul D Shah, Ashwin Varde, Rajesh Bahl, Saqib Saleem, Huma Qureshi, Mudassar Aziz.

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