Union Minister and election incharge of Punjab Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that the Bhartiya Janata Party will give due political recognition to every segment in state while launching Nava Punjab with BJP campaign here on Thursday at the party headquarters.

Dubbing the opposition parties Congress, SAD and APP as totally bereft of any vision to lead the state to prosperity, Gajender Singh Shekhawat said, “Punjabis are disgruntled with the miserable performance of these parties and they will be routed by the people.”

He said, “The BJP in the last seven years has delivered justice to the Sikhs who suffered in the 1984 riots and after 35 years justice was delivered. The black list was abolished, the Kartarpur corridor was opened after the partition by the initiative of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, GST has been removed from langar, Bathinda AIMS, Amritsar AIMS, Sangrur and Ferozepur has got PGI satellite centres, two new airports. New tourism sectors, mega infrastructure projects.”

“We deliver and not merely promise and the party will be contesting 117 seats in the coming assembly elections and we will go to the people with an outlined agenda of bringing prosperity and opportunity for everyone and commit that the Mafia raj will be wiped out in the state,” said Shekhawat.

On the issue of farmers, the minister was categorically said that 11 rounds so far have been conducted with the unions and the government took the extra step of stalling the laws for 18 months. Our initiative to address the issue can never be doubted. Our doors are always open he said, he added.

Speaking on the issue of the Border Security Forces, Shekhawat said that national security could never be compromised and the incidents of drug smuggling and drones carrying weapons had increased manifold and the former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had raised this pertinent issue with Union Home Minister Amit Shah number of times.

Now present Chief Minister Charanjit Channi had recently met the home minister and brought up this issue and now this session which was being called in the assembly on 8 November is nothing but a strategy to digress the people from the main issues of good governance.