Shashi Tharoor posts a letter  from 1955 by John Steinbeck to Marilyn Monroe.


Congress  leader Shashi Tharoor  on November 6 shared a picture of a letter that Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck wrote to actress Marilyn Monroe.

This letter was written on April 28, 1955. This post on twitter was appreciated by many of the netizens .  In the letter, Steinbeck wrote, that his wife had informed his nephew-in-law that Steinbeck had met the actress. After learning that, his nephew thought he was lying. So, to prove it, Steinbeck wrote a letter to Marilyn Monroe and asked for a picture of hers in a “pensive and girlish mood.”

In a tweet, Tharoor wrote, “”Sunday delight: One of the most unusual letters I have ever come across from a famous author is this masterpiece from John Steinbeck to the immortal Marilyn Monroe. Every line, sentiment & detail is worth savouring!”

The post has got more than 4,000 likes and 631 retweets so far. The post has several appreciated comments from the netizens. One person commented on the post that, “What mastery over language, it could be one of the greats like Pdt Jasraj or Joshiji singing away to God’s glory! Flowing like water effortlessly. A thing of joy, thanks for sharing.” Another person said, “This is so brilliant and so gentlemanly.” A third person said, “Writing a letter like this is, of course, great but sharing the delightful tidbits is equally likable. Thanks.” “You were not exaggerating. This really is the sweetest letter, what I’d really like to know is where did you come across this letter. It must have other treasures,” added a fourth.