Sharad Yadav vacates 7 Tuglaq Road residence after 22 years


Former Union Minister Sharad Yadav on Tuesday vacated the 7 Tuglaq Road Bungalow after spending 22 years there as Union Minister and Member of Parliament, representing both houses- Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

After vacating the residence, Sharad Yadav told ANI that it is a matter of time. “Time comes and goes; I have been in the Lutyens’ zone for 50 years. I have been at 7 Tuglaq road for 22 years. Time keeps changing,” he said.

Yadav says that he is now shifting to Chhatarpur.

When asked about RJD not giving him a Rajya Sabha ticket, despite promising, Yadav said that it is best to leave the story behind, now that Rajya Sabha tickets have been finalised everywhere.

“I have struggled my entire life. I resigned from the Parliament three times on moral grounds. How many leaders have done this in their political life?” he asked.

The former Union Minister further told ANI that he came to Delhi in 1974, and was jailed during the emergency for two years.

“I was also jailed under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) twice. How many went to jail while fighting political battles?

“I have seen many ups and downs in life; I have seen not one but many elections. I have been in this Luteyens for 50 years, today is my last day in Lutyens’ Delhi. If the time changes then again will return here” Yadav added.

Sharad Yadav was residing in 7 Tuglaq road bungalow from 2000 when he became Civil Aviation Minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in the Centre.

Yadav vacated the bungalow after the RJD refuse to send him to the Upper House.