In an exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of its NewsX India A-List, Digraj Singh Shahpura, Director, Shahpura Hotels & Resorts, shared his journey and talked about the top-notch luxury they provide in their hotel chain while embracing traditions and heritage.

One of the top hotel chains in India, Shahpura Hotels & Resorts have struck a perfect balance between luxury and tradition. Offering world-class luxury and necessities, the hotels and resorts enhance guest experiences while embracing the royal tradition, culture, and customs of Rajasthan. 

Reflecting on his journey so far and how he began his career in the hospitality business, Digraj Singh Shahpura said, “In the initial years, when I was graduating, there was a time when I had to decide what’s next. I chose to step into the hospitality business and see how it goes. That is the first thing which I started and gradually began to develop a passion from there”.

When asked what sets their hotel chains apart from the others, he said, “Firstly, coming from a family that knows about heritage as well as heritage with luxury, that’s what we’ve been focusing more on and giving that to our guests. Secondly, we provide personalised services to our guests as there are maximum 60 or 70 keys in every hotel. We ensure that request service is given to the guests everywhere.”

“It has been part and parcel of our life and we’ve been doing it for as long as we know what things are and how things are run. The passion developed from an early age and then I started to explore. I kept on travelling, seeing hotels around the world, witnessing the best of the events and why they are the best. That’s how you learn and come to know about things and that’s what we’ve incorporated in our business as well,” added Digraj.

He proudly extols the modern touch they have infused into their majestic hotels. Digraj expressed, “Travelling to hotels like Marriott and seeing them, luxury is what it is all about. People are there to pay, you just have to have the right product. We already have grand palaces, such great forts and magnificent buildings, which is the exquisite architecture in India itself. Not only in Rajasthan but all over the country. It is just that you just have to market it in the right place.”

Talking about the challenges they had faced last year, he said, “It was a hard time initially. We had to lay off employees, cut down the cost and many precautions had to be taken. It was a tough time but we are now discussing the future. We’ve been trying to dig out new plans and are making new packages. I’ve been talking to my teams as recently as last week and we’re introducing new packages, which are called Day-cation packages for your staycation. It’s like a vacation for those kinds of people who want to stay in the hotel and not travel much. With this, they come in, use the luxury hotel, and spa for the day, and pay for that experience.”