Seven people fired by Google formed a new company

As part of company’s cutting move, recently Google fired a man, who was working as a senior manger with the company. Instead of giving up, he chose to establish a company of his own. The former senior manager of the brand, Henry Kirk, is being supported by a number of other employees who were laid off in a similar manner by the brand.

Kirk, who served the position with Google for around 8 years was amongst the 12,000 employees who were fired by the company. In an earlier statement, Kirk revealed that he has given himself and his team an opportunity of approximate 6 weeks to set up a design and development studio in New York City nd San Francisco.

Later, Kirk took to his LinkedIn to share his story. “I have 52 days left. I need your help….I’ve always been a big believer that hard work and results will get you far in life . While this event may place doubt in that belief, it is my experience that these life challenges present unique opportunities,” he said in a LinkedIn post last week.

He also revealed that 6 ex-Google employees are also joining him in the venture. “Today, I’m taking a leap forward and turning this tragedy into an opportunity. I’m teaming up with 6 outstanding #xooglers to shape and own our futures. We’re starting a design & development studio in NYC and SF. Yeah, it’s probably the worst time ever to do this . But that’s the exciting and challenging part,” Kirk added.

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