Septifix Reviews – Is it Safe & Non-Toxic Tablets? Shocking User Report Exposed!

Septifix Reviews – Septifix is a professional septic tank treatment tablet that uses microbes and oxygen to help break down and digest household waste and toilet paper. Official Website: Click Here Product Name Septifix Description Septifix is a powerful, concentrated tablet that adds beneficial bacteria and oxygen to maintain your septic tank. Ingredients Mycobacterium, Bacillus […]

Septifix Reviews – Septifix is a professional septic tank treatment tablet that uses microbes and oxygen to help break down and digest household waste and toilet paper.

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Product NameSeptifix
DescriptionSeptifix is a powerful, concentrated tablet that adds beneficial bacteria and oxygen to maintain your septic tank.
IngredientsMycobacterium, Bacillus and More.
ProsSay Bye To Clogged Drains With the Best Septic Tank Treatment
Where to Buy?Official Website

What is exactly Septifix?

Septifix comes in the form of small solid tablets that are environmentally safe to treat the septic tanks at your home by destroying bad bacteria, eliminating bad odors, and preventing clogs.

Bad odor from the septic tank, or overflow in the area surrounding the septic tank, can be quite irksome. People have always sought solutions for the issue and Septifix is a comparatively new solution for fixing the problem.

Septifix is a small tablet weighing just 55 grams. But the small product packs a lot of power in it because it is a combination of 14 types of aerobic microorganisms. It contains more than ten billion strains of bacteria.

Together, this microbial combination can keep the sewage tank and connecting pipes and pumps all quite clean. Septifix works by oxygenating the contents of the tank and regulating its pH.

The product has also the ability to remove chemicals and other harmful elements from the surroundings and purify the environment. 

A packet of three Septifix tablets can keep the tank clean for a period of three months.

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How does it work?

Septifix does its cleaning process through four stages.

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What makes Septifix the best choice for Cleaning Septic Tanks?

Since Septifix can react with waste materials instantly, it destroys the bad odor very fast. Once the tablets are dropped into the septic tank, the foul smell is likely to disappear in three or four days.

By destroying the harmful bacteria in and around the septic tank area, Septifix promotes hygiene in the surroundings and protects the health of the residents in the area. 

It also extends the life of the plumbing. It is quite cost-effective also when one considers the money that is saved on plumbing problems and also the way in which the surroundings are kept clean.

Once Septifix is used within the tank, the water that is discharged will be pure so that it will have significant health benefits for people in a long term even in the areas where the water eventually seeps down. The product is also safe to handle as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Septifix is manufactured in accordance with the strict regulations that are to be followed in the US while making sewage treatment products. 

Richard V, the maker of Septifix, has always been keen to create an eco-friendly formula for cleaning septic tanks.

Toward this, he worked in collaboration with a university and enlisted the help of 14 researchers. These academics worked together to make his dream a reality and formulated the product at the end of three years of research.

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Ingredients used in Septifix Septic Tank Cleaner

The main ingredients in Septifix are the following:

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Septifix tablets – How to Clean Septic Tanks with them?

Septifix does not contain any toxic chemicals and is safe to be touched even with bare hands. However, as an extra precaution, it is best to wash your hands using soap after touching a tablet of Septifix.

Though touching the product is harmless, ingesting it cannot be considered safe, so Septifix should be kept out of reach of children, and should not be kept in any place where it could accidentally fall into or get mixed up with edible goods.

Three tablets of Septifix are recommended for one round of cleaning, especially while using it for the first time. 

The tablets should be dropped into the toilet bowl and flushed twice. Results will become discernible within three or four, or a maximum of five days.

The next round of cleaning can be done after three months. Alternatively, users can clean the tank every month by dropping just one tablet into the bowl. Larger tanks could require more than one tablet.


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Customer Feedback

It is not long since Septifix appeared in the US, but already over 21,000 people have used it and their response to it has been good. 

Those who have liked it, which is over 80% of those who bought it, have been repeatedly using it. They are fully satisfied with its cleaning potential.

The facts that it is safe to use since there are no chemicals or toxins involved, that it is cost-effective, and that it cleans very efficiently, have made it very popular with its customers.

Septifix Cost and Discounts

Septifix is reasonably priced. Besides that, the company offers different types of discounts to buyers so that they have three options to choose from.

As can be seen from the price list, the bulk purchase makes the product cheaper. Delivery is free as there are no shipping charges involved in the case of 12 and 18-month packages.

All purchases are covered by a money-back policy. According to this, any customer, who is not satisfied with the results of Septifix, can return it within two months from the date of purchase and the cost of the product will be returned to him in full.

Septifix can be purchased only from the maker’s official website. It is not available in any physical stores. Nor is it available on any other website. 

If it is seen advertised on other websites, and a customer buys it through any of those sites, the product may not be genuine and the customer will not be covered by the money-back policy.

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Final Verdict – Is Septifix worth buying?

The information provided in the paragraphs above gives a clear picture of Septifix. It is an excellent cleaning agent that is safe, eco-friendly, easy to use, and highly effective in cleaning something as dirty as a septic tank.

Many customers have already used Septifix and found it to be very effective. Since Septifix shows its results very fast, in just three-four days, users have also been pretty fast with their responses.

They are recommending the product to others through face-to-face communication, social networking sites, and digital networks. 

Many have also acknowledged the quality of the product on the site from which they bought it.

The very fact, that the makers are offering a full money back to customers who do not find the product useful, is proof of the quality of Septifix.

They are fully confident that there would hardly be any request for a refund because the product is excellent.

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