CX Plus

Sennheiser’s latest launch CX Plus is gathering the right kind of attention. At Rs 14,990 the CX Plus offer active noise cancellation (ANC) and IPX4. But is this enough for it to place itself well in the market let’s find out?

Sennheiser CX Plus have worked out the fitting well. These earbuds are easy plug in, and they stay on your ear cups very well. They sit right and you can move around and even run without being worried.

They are designed in an oval shape and might feel a little big to a few people, but Sennheiser has done their homework well. CX Plus are deigned to sit well and firm in your ear for a better experience. You have option to choose from Black or White.

Sound is what defines an earbud. For most people like myself earbuds are a constant now. I have forgotten to take calls on my phone directly. Earbuds help me multitask in the best way possible. Sound needs to be the heart of an earbud and with CX Plus the heart beats well. Balanced, clear and you can enjoy each note well on these earbuds. The bass and treble have been well adjusted, and you can enjoy music of any genre very well on your CX Plus. Your calls experience would also be seamless, and you can enhance the experience by using EQ settings.

The functionality and setting of Sennheiser CX Plus remain more or less standardized. The case which is nice and compact is your mode to keep the earbuds on and off. You need to slide them in and as you pull them out, they connect automatically. They can be easily paired with Bluetooth. Sennheiser’s app for Android and iOS lets you update the firmware and change the settings.

I am not a big ANC fan. Sounds wired but I find it very disturbing not to hear any disturbance. Therefore, I might not be the right person to comment about the ANC on CX Plus. I enjoy it not being a 100%. It is not as effective as some other earbuds in the market. If in case, you are an ANC fan you might not be too happy with the feature on CX Plus.

Battery of Sennheiser CX Plus is good nearly around 10 hours on a single charge. ANC would eat about an hour or two if kept on. The buds charge well inside the case and enjoy a long battery life.

Sennheiser CX Plus are one of those products where there is nothing to complain. They have well designed the product; it fits well works very well. Great on sound and battery. ANC is not too bad and is excellent during workouts. The only thing that one needs to watch out for is competition. Just like smartphones even this sector is now filled with cheaper options. That’s what the real competition here is. Does one go for the brand value product or cost-effective product? Sennheiser CX Plus according to me has well placed itself in the market.