Selena Gomez jokes her exes think she’s ‘crazy’


American singer-songwriter Selena Gomez recently dove into topics like old friends, music and marriage. According to America-based news channel, the 28-year-old singer Gomez recently made an appearance on virtual talk with YouTube beauty guru Nikkie De Jager for a video on her online channel. The two discussed Gomez’s makeup line Rare Beauty, the ‘Back To You’ singer said in the video that her wedding is “never gonna happen.” “It’s hard in quarantine,” admitted Gomez in reference to dating, though she noted that her comment was “not an invitation” for advances towards her. It seems she also feels similarly about her song lyrics. The ‘Ice Cream’ songstress said, “It’s just funny because I release things that say ‘I want a boyfriend’ and stuff. People say that and I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t really mean it though. Guys are a lot of work.” She jokingly added: “Every one of my exes thinks I’m crazy, so I don’t care.”