Seema Haider’s documents sent to Pakistan embassy for verification, More details inside

Seema Haider

All documents collected from Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who entered India illegally through Nepal in May to live with her Indian husband Sachin Meena, were reportedly submitted to the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi for identity verification.

Seema allegedly illegally entered India with her 4 children on May 13. Seema stated she had moved in with Meena, who lives in the Rabupura neighborhood of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Haider was caught by local police on July 4 for unlawfully entering India, and Meena was detained for sheltering illegal immigrants. They were both granted bail by a local court on July 7 and have been living together in Rabupura with her four children.

She has been on the radar of security forces since she was apprehended by police on July 4 on suspicion of being a Pakistani spy.

According to a Pakistani media source, Pakistan’s security agencies notified the country’s government that “love” is the “only” motivation that motivated the mother of four to sneak into India to live with a Hindu guy she met through an online game platform.

During the investigation, the police recovered Seema’s paperwork, including her passport, Pakistani ID card, and her children’s passports, according to India Today. All of these documents were sent to the Pakistan embassy to determine whether she is a Pakistani national, according to the statement.

Even though the authorities are expecting a forensic analysis on her phone, the Pakistani citizen assured the television outlet that she had not removed any data from it. Her confiscated phone was reportedly transported to a forensic lab in Ghaziabad for further investigation.