Security concerns threaten coal supply in Pakistan as transporters at risk

Representative Image Image Source: ANI

According to a media report, the Pakistan Coal Suppliers Association and Good Transport Association have announced their intention to halt coal supply throughout the country from Balochistan if they do not receive adequate protection.

During a joint press conference, Noor Ahmed Kakar, the President of Balochistan Goods Transport Association, and Muhammad Din Sanzarkhail, the General Secretary of Coal Suppliers Association, revealed that 42 trucks carrying coal from Harnai and Duki coal fields to Punjab and other regions in the country had their tires punctured by unidentified armed individuals.

At gunpoint, the armed men stopped all 42 trucks in the Charat area on Harnai Road and started shooting. They damaged the trucks and punctured their tyres.

Moreover, the transporters also lamented the fact that they have to pay PKR 230 per tonne to the Frontier Corps to provide protection for the trucks transporting coal to other cities.
They said, “The firing incidents took place on 1 June on Harnai Road, not far from a security checkpoint,” adding that the government had neglected to provide security for the trucks and coal suppliers.