Schools in Delhi to reopen from Monday


Amidst the rising pollution in Delhi, most of the schools in Delhi have been closed and are planned to reopen on Monday. However, the school authorities have not been informed yet about the reopening.

“Till now, we have not received any information from the higher authorities. Once we get any information, we will start following the same,” the staff from the ASN Senior Secondary School, told The Daily Guardian.

Similarly, many schools in Delhi have not taken any decisions yet as the authorities are not aware of the reopening of schools as of now.

“We have not received any information about the reopening of schools yet,” a staff of Summer Field School told this paper.

Similarly, parents are also a little hesitant to send their kids to schools. Jaya Kapil, a resident of Rohini, sector-13, Delhi said, “The school in which my kid is studying has a limited staff, so I am a little unsure, whether I should send him to the school at the moment. Although online education is not playing a very significant role, most of the parents are also concerned about the security of their kids.” Her child is studying in class 6.

Delhi government offices will also reopen from Monday. Delhi Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, has urged the people to use public transport. Special buses have also been arranged mostly at the places where the maximum number of government employees reside.

On Wednesday, the air quality has improved from ‘very poor’ to the ‘poor’ category in the last 10 days. Delhi government had to extend the work from home for GNCTD officials till November 26. The government has also lifted the ban on construction, while strict monitoring has been ensured by 585 teams.