SC rejects petition looking for direction from Centre for setting rules for registration of live-in relationships in India

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the petition looking for setting rules and guidelines for the registration of live-in partnerships in the country.
A bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud terminated the appeal and said that the petition was an unbalanced petition. The court asked the petitioner if he was trying to substitute the security of those people or not let people to be in live-in relationships.
The petitioner and advocate Mamta Rani has required way from the Centre to mount guidelines and procedures for the registration of live-in partnerships in the country as expeditiously as possible in the interest of justice.
The lawyer, in his Public Interest Litigation, sought direction from the Central Government to formulate rules for the registration of Live-in relationships and also to express guidelines for the registration and social safekeeping of every citizen living in a live-in relationship.
The petitioner said that he was seeking the indulgence of the Court for granting social equality and security to all the live-in partners who wanted to live their life freely being the citizen of India, which is a secular and democratic Country and where the Courts had always worked for giving protection to all the citizens of the country.
“Time and again this Court has been the protector of the live-in partners and has passed a numerous number of judgments which is having the effect of giving protection to the members of the live-in partnership be it the women, men or even the children born out of such relationship.
Even looking at the present scenario and there being absolutely no rules and guidelines covering the live-in partnerships, there has been a vast increase in the crimes by the live-in partners including major crimes like rape and murder,” the petitioner said.
The petitioner said that there is a need of framing laws related to live-in relationships and to achieve that purpose the Central Government must work on getting a database for finding out the exact number of people involved in a live-in relationship in our country.

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