SC denied Gali Janardhan Reddy’s request for a change in bail term

The Supreme Court denied Gali Janardhan Reddy’s request for a lowering of his bail requirements in light of the forthcoming Karnataka Assembly elections in Today’s hearing.
The new application by G Janardana Reddy to ease the bail terms was denied by a bench of justices MR Shah and CT Ravikumar. In light of the forthcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka, senior attorney Meenakshi Arora requested a further prolongation of the easing of his bail condition.

Prior to this, the top court had mandated that Gali Janardhan Reddy’s multimillion-dollar illegal mining case be tried on a daily basis in the district court and allowed him to stay in Bellary until 6 November 2022, but strictly ordered that he not stay in the Bellay from 7 November 2022, till the continuance of trial in the matter.

The SC had directed the trial court to conduct the trial on a day-to-day basis from 9 November 2022 and to conclude the trial within a period of six months from 9 November 2022 without fail.

Earlier the court had granted relief to former Karnataka minister and mining baron, Gali Janardhan Reddy, accused in a multi-million illegal mining cases, by allowing him to visit and stay in the District of Bellary in Karnataka and Kadapa and Anantpuram in Andhra Pradesh with condition.

The court had then modified its January 20, 2015 bail order and relaxed his condition relation to his restrictions on his visit and stay over there.
Reddy was arrested in September 2011 and was granted bail in January 2015. While granting bail the apex court had imposed a condition on him not to visit these Districts.
Later, he filed an application seeking to relax the bail conditions imposed on him.

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