SC about to form a Constitution Bench on petition against Nikah-Halala, polygamy

SC: Constitutional bench will be form on pleas against Nikah-Halala.

The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it will form a Constitution Bench to hear petitions challenging the practices of Nikah-Halala and polygamy among Muslim community.

The cases were referred to a 5-judge Constitution bench by a 3-judge bench in March 2018. The petitions were filed by a few Muslim women Naisah Hasan, Sabnam, Farjana, and Sameena Begum, and also advocates Ashwini Upadhyay and Mohsin Kathiri challenging the constitutional legitimacy of the Nikah-Halala and polygamy.
The petitioners have demanded a ban on Nikah-Halala and polygamy saying it concentrates Muslim wives enormously self-doubting, and susceptible and trespasses on their fundamental rights.

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