Sanjay Raut criticises CM Shinde over rainfall situation in Maharashtra

Sanjay Raut criticizes CM Shinde for the state of the Maharashtra rains

Sanjay Raut

Sanjay Raut, the leader of the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray), criticized Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Wednesday for the state’s rainfall conditions, which have led to waterlogging and flooding in several areas of Maharashtra. Raut claimed that the chief minister was oblivious to the problems that the state’s residents were experiencing as a result of the floods. He also criticized Shinde for taking part in the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

“The whole of Nagpur is flooded; parts of Maharashtra are facing drought; why did the CM not visit those areas? Despite visiting flood-affected areas he is busy celebrating the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with Bollywood and Tollywood celebrities?,” Raut asserted while speaking at a media conference.
Further slamming Shinde for going on a foreign trip, Raut said, “What investment are you going to bring to the state? First, bring back the investment that has gone from Maharashtra to Gujarat.”