Sanjana Ganesan comes into the spotlight after her meme-worthy reply to a troll.


Sanjana Ganesan, TV presenter and wife of cricketer Jasprit Bumrah, has come into the spotlight after her response to a social media user who criticised Bumrah after she shared their throwback picture from a vacation on Instagram. He had criticised the couple for vacationing while India lost to Pakistan in the ongoing Asia Cup 2022.

In the caption, Sanjana wrote, “Just a lovely throwback photo of Jasprit, me and Jasprit’s sneakers (the real stars of this picture).” A fan commented on her post and said it was a shame that the two were holidaying while India had lost a match to Pakistan. He commented, “Waha India ki m**-b**** pade hui hai or yeh gum rahe.” To which Sanjana responded and wrote, “Throwback photo hai, dikhta nahi kya chomu aadmi.”

After Sanjana’s reply to the user, many people praised her for taking on the troll and giving a great reply. Later, in her latest message on Instagram, she said that she is trying to make the internet a better place by taking down “one chomu aadmi” at a time , and she was not too pleased with those who somehow made it all about her “troll’s religion, nationality, ethnicity, and identity”.

 A section of social media users have stood against the criticizer and have have spoke negative about him, Sanjana has said that, ‘while it was important to stand up to internet trolls and bullies’ she did not agree with making it about ‘someone’s religion, nationality, ethnicity or identity’.

Sanjana posted a note on her Instagram Stories, which read, “While I do think it’s important to stand up to internet trolls and bullies, I do not agree with dragging someone’s religion, nationality, ethnicity, or identity into the matter, and I sincerely urge you to consider doing the same. Internet trolls aren’t the way they are because of their religion, ethnicity, or nationality; it’s just a lack of common sense. I promise to keep trying to make the internet a better place by taking down one chomu aadmi (fool) at a time. Love, Sanjana.”