‘Sangams have been given great glory’, says PM Modi

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the ‘Kashil Tamil Sangamam’ in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, referring to Tamil Nadu PM Modi said their century-old shared bond, Sangam, is as holy as of Ganga and Yamuna.

Addressing the people of Kashi PM Modi said, “On the one hand, Kashi is our cultural capital, covering the whole of India, and on the other hand, there is Tamil Nadu and Tamil culture, the center of India’s antiquity and pride.”

Talking about the ‘Sangams’ in our country PM Modi stated, “Sangams have been given great glory and importance in our country. From the Sangams of rivers to thoughts-ideologies, knowledge-science, and societies-cultures, we have celebrated every Sangam”.

During the inauguration, Uttar Pradesh’s Governor Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan were also present.

Besides inaugurating the month-long Kashil Tamil Sangamam, PM Modi will also release Tirukkural and Kashil-Tamil culture books on Saturday.

According to the Uttar Pradesh government officials, Tamil literature, education, culture, and cuisine will be showcased in the month-long Sangamam.

Meanwhile, till 16 December in the Kashil Tamil Sangamam 75 stalls will be set up which will show the culture, literature, food, handloom, handicraft, agriculture, and folk art of South India.

Moreover, nine prominent religious leaders of Tamil Nadu will be honored by PM Modi in which Shrimad Manikkavachak Tambiran, Swami Shivkar Desikar, Srilashree Satya Gyan Mahadev Deshik Paramcharya Swamigal, Shiv Prakash Desik Satya Gyan Pandar Sannadi, Sri Sivaganan Balaya Swamigal, Gyanprakash Desikar, Shivalingeshwar Swami Kandaswamy, Mayakrishnan Swamy and Muthu Sivaramaswami.

The opportunity will be given to scholars, philosophers, artists, researchers, students, traders, and artisans of both states.

However, this Sangamam is reflecting ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ which celebrates, reaffirms, and rediscovers the age-old links between Kashi and Tamil Nadu.

Furthermore, to participate in the seminars, and site visits 2500 delegates will be arriving in Varanasi from Tamil Nadu. The two regions’ handlooms, handicrafts, ODOP (One district, one product) products, books, documentaries, cuisine, art forms, history, and tourist places will be put in Kashi.