Sam Pitroda: People need to understand truth amid Rahul’s statement in UK

Sam Pitroda, Chairperson of the Overseas Indian National Congress, spoke extensively with “The Daily Guardian” about what Rahul Gandhi said in his recent interview in the UK.

Q: The BJP has repeatedly criticised Rahul Gandhi’s remarks made in the UK and demanded an apology before allowing him to speak in Parliament.

A: Sam Pitroda categorically stated that people must know and understand the truth. The first thing he said was, “Democracy in India is a worldwide good. It has an effect much beyond its boundaries. In my opinion, global democracy suffers a very serious, possibly deadly blow if Indian democracy deteriorates. Second statement: “There is a legitimate cause for serious concern regarding the state of Indian democracy, and thirdly, “he clearly mentioned that India is capable of dealing with its problem.” All the remarks of Rahul Gandhi were regarding the government, not the country, which were twisted afterwards.

Members of parliament are just slamming Rahul Gandhi for what he said about the government, forgetting that it’s Rahul Gandhi’s job to question the government as a Member of Parliament.

Q: Several Union ministers, including the defence minister Rajnath Singh, have demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi over his statement in the United Kingdom. What is your opinion about it?

A: He said, “All these people have made up their minds to attack Rahul Gandhi collectively, but first they should know that what has been said is for the government and not against the country.” He went on to say that today the world is experiencing the time of zoom, the internet, mobile phones, and social media, and whatever you say, it spreads like wildfire immediately, so it does not matter if you say anything in London or Pune.

He further added that this is the best way to divert the attention of the people. The crucial thing is the challenge the country has been facing right now. The issue of jobs and inflation has rocked the nation; besides this, the rise of violence against women is really heartbreaking. The matter of Adani’s business and its connection with the Prime Minister is a matter of great concern. All these issues are currently floating and should be discussed on a priority basis rather than in a general way that was suggested by Rahul Gandhi in a foreign country.

Q: As per the narrative, BJP leaders are accusing Rahul Gandhi of allegedly misusing power in his recent visit to the UK, where he interacted with journalists, academics, researchers, and civil society activists and said, “Our democracy is in danger, and other countries should interfere in it.”

A: Sam Pitroda said it is absolutely wrong; there is not an iota of truth in this statement.

Q: BJP and other members are adamant that the session will not resume until Rahul Gandhi apologizes. What is your view of it?

A: Sam Pitroda forcefully said there is no place for apology in this matter. The BJP and the Central government are misrepresenting Rahul’s remarks to gain political mileage as well as diverting people’s attention from the ongoing Adani crisis, which rocked the Parliament for days.

He further added that the media in India is biased and that the government has full control over the media. BJP leaders don’t like to face Rahul Gandhi, because he is the national leader of the Congress party, which is set to challenge the government. However, they are busy lying and twisting Rahul’s statements to dent his leadership quality and try to portray him as Pappu, which is baseless.



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