Saket Gokhale arrested twice in 3 days for his tweet on Morbi Bridge: ‘PM hurt by tweet, not 135 deaths’

Saket Gokhale of Trinamool claimed that the BJP is ‘hilariously mistaken’ if they believe that this will break him after being arrested twice in three days for his tweet regarding the collapse of the Morbi bridge on Saturday.

“I’m only going to come at them harder,” the Trinamool leader who was granted bail on Friday said the case filed against him was frivolous as he only ‘shared’ a tweet made by someone else. “Funnily the police have no clue who that person is,” he said.

Saket said he was arrested twice in three days for the Morbi tweet while the owners of the Oreva company who built the ‘faulty’ bridge have not yet been named in an FIR. “Modi is hurt by a tweet. Not by deaths of 135 innocent people,” the Trinamool leader tweeted. He said he shared the tweet which was made by someone else and the police still have no clue about that person.

“The aim was to find a way to target me, throw me into jail, and keep me there. This is the Modi & Shah textbook perfected in UP & Gujarat,” he tweeted.

“The 2nd complaint in Morbi was filed against me on behalf of BJP’s ally Election Commission. Surprisingly, the case for ‘electoral interference’ was filed after polling for both phases was over. EC, however, is ok with communal speeches & roadshows by Modi on poll day,” the Trinamool leader added.

“The BJP’s problem is that it gets rattled far too easily. Their bigger problem is that throwing me in jail doesn’t rattle me one bit. The fight only gets stronger from here on,” he wrote.

According to an RTI report  on December 1, the national spokesperson of Mamata Banerjee’s party shared purported clippings of news reports claiming that PM Modi’s visit to Morbi for a few hours after the mishap cost ₹30 crore. “Of this, ₹5.5 crore was purely for ‘welcome, event management and photography’. 135 victims who died got ₹4 lakh ex gratia each i.e. ₹5 crore. Just Modi’s event management and PR costs more than life of 135 people,” Saket Gokhale tweeted.

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