SAI takes back step after Wrestlers’disagreements


The Sports Authority of India (SAI) made a U-turn in the National Wrestling camp, and after that, the wrestlers have lost faith in them.
On Thursday evening, SAI referred to shift the camp of Greco-Roman style wrestlers to Lucknow from Bhalgarh, but on the very next day when the situation got out of control, SAI took backtrack on their point, convincing the wrestlers to be in the Bhalgarh’s camp in the future.
Greco-Roman style wrestlers in the camp at Bhalgarh, bordering Delhi, were directed that their camp is being shifted to Lucknow. However, the decision didn’t go well with the wrestlers. On opposing the decision, SAI Executive Director Lalita Sharma asked the wrestlers to discuss their issues with Bajrang Punia.
The unfulfilling advice from the SAI executive director rattled the wrestlers. Some of them argued that Bajrang Punia isn’t holding the executive director’s office, and therefore the executive director is answerable to all the players. The wrestlers further stated that if such an irresponsible act has been done at the behest of Bajrang, then it is extremely unfortunate. If they have no say in it then SAI officials should desist from such irresponsible decisions.
Notably, for the last several years, women’s camp is being organized in Lucknow. During the demonstration at Jantar Mantar, the women wrestlers demanded to shift their camp to Bhalgarh.
After that the trials for the Asian Championship have also taken place. Men’s and women’s teams have also been selected but the women’s camp is yet to start. Greco-Roman style wrestlers were told in Bhalgarh that now women’s camp will be set up here, they will have to go to Lucknow due to lack of space.
Greco-Roman style wrestlers stated that they train together with freestyle wrestlers twice a week to work on ground wrestling techniques. This joint session is very useful for freestyle wrestlers. Most of the wrestlers from both styles were determined to leave the camp at any possible cost. SAI’s decision to order wrestlers to go to Lucknow without realizing this fact is very unprofessional. Camps for women could be organized at Bhalgarh on other schedules.
If the women wrestlers have issues with Lucknow camp, then SAI centers are across India including Bangalore, Bhopal, Patiala, Kolkata, Gandhinagar. The fact is that women wrestlers want to practice in Bhalgarh only.
Seeing the seriousness of the situation, SAI officials did two big things on Friday. First, two coaches of freestyle and Greco-Roman style were called and made it clear that they and the wrestlers should avoid any kind of interaction with the media and secondly Sai gave information in a tweet, the draft of which is as follows – ‘Some newspapers have reported that SAI plans to shift the National camp of Greco Roman wrestling to its centre in Lucknow from Sonepat. This information is incorrect and no such decision was ever taken. The Greco Roman camp will continue in Sonepat.’
Although, SAI has tried to calm the situation by tweeting this but the wrestlers present in the camp are not satisfied. They said that when the next camp will start after the Asian Championship, they will be sent to Lucknow.