Ruchira Kamboj lays down 6-point plan on ‘Silencing the Guns in Africa’

India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, laid down a six-point plan at the UN Security Council to support African efforts in Silencing the Guns by the end of this decade.
Addressing the UNSC on Friday, Kamboj began by congratulating the delegation of Mozambique for a very successful presidency and also for organising Friday’s debate.
Kamboj said, “Several countries in Africa, particularly in the Sahel, Central Africa and the Horn of Africa, continue to be conflict-ridden by factors that are driven by chronic political instability, ethnic divisions, and exploitation by terrorist and armed groups.
There is also the role of external factors in fuelling such conflicts, which continues to be a matter of deep concern.”
She added, “We thus all need to come together to support African efforts in silencing the guns by the end of this decade.”
Then she laid out her six-point plan on Silencing the Guns in Africa. Presenting her first point, Kamboj said, “One inclusive politics, well-established governance structures, and a decentralized administration are critical elements in the nation-building process, which could be long and complex processes, particularly for countries ravaged by colonial rule lasting centuries. It is important to recognize the primacy of national governments and authorities in identifying and driving priorities, strategies and activities for sustaining peace development and to avoid a relapse into conflict.”

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