RSS talks tough on conversion: ‘Chadar Mukt, Father Mukt Bharat’

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has coined a new slogan in Chitrakoot against conversion, calling it “Chadar Mukt, Father Mukt Bharat”. Conversion will not be tolerated under any circumstances, it said; by putting pressure on the Central government, preparations will be made to make a strict central law on this subject, the Sangh said during the meeting.

From July 9 to 12, the meeting of all the provincial preachers of the country ended in Chitrakoot with a resolution that in future no one should try to convert Hindus, neither Muslim fundamentalists nor Christian missionaries. In the past, in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, cases of conversions have come to the fore, in which clues of funding have been found from London. People of jihadi mentality first promoted love jihad and forced conversion of Hindu girls, forced them to become Muslims, the Sangh said.

Now those who convert are being openly lured; in return, land, money, and girls are being given. Till now, all this used to happen only in remote areas of the country, and the name of Christian missionaries used to come up, but now when these incidents started happening around Delhi, the Sangh has taken a tough stand on this. Conversion will not be allowed under any circumstances, it said.

The second major decision has been to support the population policy. RSS is in favour of making a law for at least two children, a little different from the Yogi model of Uttar Pradesh. In this tenure of the Modi government, there will be a demand from the Central government to make a law for two children. In the Chitrakoot meeting, the third big decision was taken by the RSS again to start the physical branches of the Sangh across the country, amid Covid-19. Very soon, the Sangh›s branches will be started again across the country.

The fourth major decision taken by the RSS is to set up shakhas in Muslim settlements. On the suggestion of Muslim Rashtriya Manch and senior Sangh leader Indresh Kumar, this is a major decision to divide Muslim votes to improve the image of RSS among Muslims, the results of which will be visible in the coming days.

The fifth major decision that has been taken is to contact the families who donated for the construction of Ram temple in Chitrakoot from house to house. In this way, the land scam allegations will also be countered, as it is necessary to maintain the trust of the donors.

The sixth big decision has been taken on Champat Roy, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. The RSS has decided to remove Champat Roy from the trust, but in view of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, he has been asked to remain till the UP elections for the time being. After this, Champat Roy will be replaced in the trust by Bhaiyyaji Joshi, a former Sarkaryavah of the RSS.

The seventh major decision that has been taken is to replace Sah-Sarkaryavah Krishna Gopal, who is looking after the RSS in Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh and the upcoming Assembly elections of six states, to replace Sah Sarkaryavah Arunkumar, who is looking after the work of BJP›s coordinator in the Sangh.

The eighth major decision taken in the Chitrakoot meet is in the form of replacement of regional campaigners from West Bengal, state campaigners who were claiming BJP will win 200 seats during the entire Assembly election.

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