Conman demands Rs 3.5 crore extortion money from NRI

Conman Kishan Jain involved in online fraud in Rajasthan faces new charges of extortion of Rs 3.5 crores from US-based NRI. In a shocking development Kishan who had been staying as a tenant with his family in a posh apartment for 5 years duped the owner of the house by asking for extortion money to vacate the flat. The accused has been identified as Kishan Jain, a notorious conman and jeweller from Mumbai, and has been arrested, whereas the owner has been identified as an NRI from the USA named Deepak Kawadia. 

Kishan, according to Deepak Kawadia, has not paid a single rupee in rent in the last two years. Instead, he hatched a conspiracy against Deepak by making false claims of selling diamonds worth Rs 3.5 crore. 

In his complaint, Deepak alleged, “I (Deepak) am a US citizen and was in India in February. Geeta Jain (his wife) and Jainam Jain (his son) called and sent messages more than 100 times, asking me to help their husband, who is in jail. When I refused, they asked for crores of rupees directly to vacate my property.” 

“Even Kishan Jain called me from jail from different numbers, and their son Jainam confirmed that his dad is trying to call me. They are my tenants, and I did not push them for rent as they seemed honest people, belonging to the Jain community. When I saw that both brothers were involved in criminal conspiracy in various cases, I asked them to pay the rent and vacate my property. Now, it seems their intentions are bad and they want to grab my property illegally by making false claims and accusations. I intend to file a formal complaint against them,” he added. 

Kawadia further alleged that his complaint with the Mumbai Police, which was made a few months ago, is lying in cold storage and went in vain, despite several personal calls and communication through his lawyer. 

The NRI Federation of the United States, in a letter to the Prime Minister, has demanded action against such notorious criminals and has sought safeguards and protection under Indian law to protect hard-earned property and investments made in India from such criminals. 

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