Megastar Ram Charan boasts Indian cinema in the west


Mega Power Star Ram Charan who is in the US currently for the Oscars, Hollywood Critics Awards has been on a talk show spree for the audience in the west.

Donning a casual brown and white outfit, looked dashing and dapper as usual, Ram Charan attended the KTLA Entertainments’s morning show in conversation with Sam Rubin.

The actor expressed his joy and pride that, after 85 years, Indian film is now receiving the recognition it deserves from the west and how eager he is to entertain audiences from all over the world.
Ram Charan mentioned about Naatu Naatu as the most beautiful song and how his knees still wobble thinking about the rehearsal.The international star commented for the movie, “It’s about the friendship of these two people. A little portion of it is on the resistance against oppression in India. I believe it touched many person’s sentiments in many ways.

Ram Charan attributed this success to his director SS Rajamouli and speaking of the most awaited Oscars, Ram Charan said, “I just wanted to be a guest in the show and now being nominated, I can’t wait to take that lady back home with our team.”