RPPL to debut Indian Racing Festival

Powered by a vision to revive motorsports in India, an Indian motorsports company, Racing Promotions Pvt Ltd (RPPL),today announced the debut of the Indian Racing Festival. The festival, which will bring multiple franchises into the format, will enthral the audience on weekends in multiple cities, including all kinds of exciting racing tracks and even a street circuit. The festival will begin on the weekend of November 11th and run every weekend until the weekend of December 10th across 5 weekends across multi-city locations, including the former F1 track at BIC Greater Noida, the debut of India’s first street track at Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and MMRT Chennai.

The Indian Racing Festival RPPL will host 3 race events: the Formula Regional Indian Championship, Formula 4 Indian Championship, and the Indian Racing League. The Formula Regional Indian championship and the F4 Indian championship will be certified by the FIA; championship winners will be awarded FIA Super License points. However, these three championships are not the only ones on the horizon. RPPL has great intentions of establishing a racing infrastructure and beginning to develop talent from the ground up.

Akhilesh Reddy, Director, MEIL and Chairman, RPPL (Racing Promotions Pvt Ltd), says, “Our ambition for the Indian Racing Festival is to put India back on the map of motorsports and to provide opportunities for young Indian racing drivers to take up the sport more seriously by providing them with a platform to advance to the top right in their hometown.” We are pleased to have drivers like Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim on our team to guide us. We are also planning to reach out to various colleges as well to promote the sport. The Indian Racing Festival, featuring the Formula Regional Indian Championship, Formula 4 Indian Championship, and the Indian Racing League, will attract the international racing fraternity to India and, subsequently, suppliers to the global auto-racing industry. “Racing Promotions’ vision and initiatives in Formula Regional and F4 are steppingstones towards taking an all-Indian team to F1 in the next 5-7 years and an all-Indian women’s team to F2 in the next 10–12 years.”

The representatives of the Indian Racing Festival attended the UK-based GB3, GB4, and the British F4 championships, and there are further plans to promote the Indian Racing Festival at prominent motorsports events around the world, including becoming the first Indian registered company to exhibit at the mecca of motorsports – the Goodwood Festival of Speed event in the UK. The team will also be in attendance at European events such as the Spanish F4, Formula Regional Europe championship by Alpine, Italian F4, French F4, German F4, FIA CIK event, and ACCR F4.

The distinction of Indian racing will rise in the global rankings by holding not one, but two FIA sanctioned championships, which will attract spectators and contribute to economic success over the following 4-5 years.

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