Rosario : Lionel Messi’s SuperMarket Store attacked , attackers leave chilling note

Paris Saint-German forward Lionel Messi received a threatening message after his in-law’s food store got attacked in Rosario, Argentina on Thursday, as reported by ESPN.

Two individuals came on a motorbike and reportedly shot 14 bullets at the shutter and the front door, of the food store “Unico,” which is located in the Lavalle district of Rosario. The attackers wrote a threatening message on the piece of cardboard for him as well. “Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin is a drug dealer. He is not going to look after you.”

The investigation is already underway. However, intention of assailants is still unknown as no specific reason for attack revealed. Pablo Javkin the mayor of Rosario raised his concerns about the increasing crime in Rosario.

In a tweet, he stated that: “Rosario is 300km [from Buenos Aires], it is near. We want to get all the resources against crime that Argentina has to take care of us, to protect this city that gives the country glory and science, countryside and art, federalism and union.”

“The aim is to deliberately cause terror in the population and discourage those of us who are fighting against criminal violence, knowing that it will be an event of global significance”, said Celia Arena, justice minister for Santa Fe province.

As of now neither Messi nor his wife Antonela Roccuzzo is yet to break their silence on this attack. The 35-year-old attacker recently won FIFA Best Man’s award and he is currently enjoying a decent season with the league leaders PSG. He will soon decide his next destination as his current contract will run out on June 30.

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