Restful Mind, Easeful Heart

One aspiration that has taken over one’s attention these days is to be light-hearted. As per the hype, many activities like mindfulness, laughter clubs, yoga, meditation, fitness regimes etc. are being used to find balance, spiritedness, happiness, solace.

A new born is naturally spontaneous.The infant gurgles, giggles, cries and starts all over again. He can keep himself engaged all day, amused, playful, by watching his own hands and feet, their movements all around. He retains no memory of the gone-by moment, no inkling, no imagination of what should happen in the next. He stays in the now, this moment. No skill or training is required for the infant to be so easeful and joyful. It is innate, natural.

What moves one away from being their natural happy self, thelight- heartedness? Why does one change as one grows up?Duties, responsibilities, goals, expectations silently crowd one’s mind. The need to be ‘someone’ operates sneakily. And this someone is undefined, unseen-no one has ever met this person… because this ‘someone’ is imagined to be perfect. In this image…he/she is superbly organized,extraordinarily talented, is successful, picture of graciousness and wonderful in every way.

In search of this ‘fictitious someone’, one moves far away from themselves. An emptiness, a void builds up with this dissociation, and one forms relationships and friendships to fill this hollow feeling.It’s as though one is in a place far away from one’s native place, the food and environment is very different there…and then one feels homesick. In the same way, when one has alienated or detached from their real self, one’s truth, they endlessly try to adapt to other things which are quite in contrast to their innate nature. It creates an unease, restlessness and more. But…as an infant, one doesn’t know how to not be himself or herself. One does not shift gears and change their behaviour to be with different people.The ‘child you’has no need to create a ‘perfect ‘image and so, is happy to be who he or she is. In hishappy-go-lucky company, all feel happy and want to love him.

In the attempt to being this imaginary perfect person, one looks like one’s own self, while always impersonating someone else. You move away from living as who you really are. One superimposes an illusory personality on one’s own self. It is trying to make yourself believe, what you are not. Thismerely gives a momentary and false sense of happiness and satisfaction. While riding a vehicle on a very busy road, there are all sorts of automobiles moving in numerousdirections. One doesn’t start to follow them…do they? One chooses to move towards their own destination, finds their way out and reaches where they want to go, in spite of whatever hurdles may come their way.Similarly, each one of you is born with this inner understanding of what makes you feel okay, what doesn’t. Afterall, as an infant you cried when you were hungry or uneasy. The adults around didn’t have to tell you, you knew it wasn’t a good feeling. In the same way, you carry with you this inner GPS, which is very chatty, and keeps telling you… no nono… yes… of course! It acts like the blaring horns from other vehicles that warn you to move away, or go back, go sideways… and that might make you feel a little lost or confused.

Ease of being can be experienced lastingly, only when even among these external sounds, one is synchronized and can tune in to this inner knowing partner, directing you towards your destination. Let this inner GPS guide your mind, allow the innate knower to speak… listen to it.

World’s greatest wealth is within each one. The miracle medicine, the remedy for all disorders and discomforts is also within you. Let go the hold of idealism and perfectionism. Envision how you want to be that would make you feel good about yourself. What can you do to make it happen? Put an end to all wars you have been waging against being yourself. Free the hold of the unnatural in youand let feelings of safety and security envelop you. This will soothe your mind, relax your body and you willbe in unison with your ‘spirit’, life…your true essence.

At the end of the day, through all that one does…what makes one feel enthusiasm is a knowing… “Yes! I did my best I could…it was a fine day. I look forward to life!”

Quench the thirst for a restful mind and an easeful heart.Unearth the goldmine of happiness in you.


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