Recent bomb blast reveals toxic consequences of Pakistan’s dance with terrorism

A recent bombing exposes the negative effects of Pakistan's dance with terrorists


Following the latest bombing in Pakistan that rocked a rally, the deadly repercussions of supporting terrorism have once more come to light.
According to a report in Khalsa Vox, these horrible acts of violence, like as the most recent suicide attack in the market in Peshawar that killed more than 50 people, have demonstrated to Pakistan the disastrous results of supporting terrorists. The outlawed terrorist group Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP), which committed the massacre, quickly took responsibility. According to the Khalsa Vox report, Pakistan was like tasting its own meal because the nation has always been a welcoming atmosphere for terrorists.

As per the publication, despite the limited resistance from the Pakistani Government, these terrorist organisations continue to succeed in their heinous crimes with chilling ease.
Accusations of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies covertly supporting such groups have added to the public’s dismay. The government’s reluctance to deal with these malevolent entities has given rise to a breeding ground of terror that has only harmed the nation.