Reboot the hacked mind to uninstall malware

Human brain is a physical entity. Brain has 85 billion neurons. Together all these neurons implement a mind in the brain. Human mind cannot know the mind itself. Human mind can know the brain. Human mind can observe the mind of someone else. Mind cannot observe one’s own mind. A conscious mind is not conscious […]

Human brain is a physical entity. Brain has 85 billion neurons. Together all these neurons implement a mind in the brain. Human mind cannot know the mind itself. Human mind can know the brain. Human mind can observe the mind of someone else. Mind cannot observe one’s own mind.

A conscious mind is not conscious of itself. To be a mind one has to be the being first. And the one who is the being is the one who is the conscious being. A Conscious being is the one on whose canvas of consciousness a mind is conceived and operated.

Mind is operated on the body of the brain by application of 85 billion neurons that implement a mind. But no mind can operate itself. Mind is like an operating system and the brain hardware. Human body conceives a brain to birth a mind. Perception and memory are data that neurons carry back and forth that are processed in the mind. But mind cannot process data without theories and concepts. To run thoughts, memory, logic, decisions and cognising, theories and concepts are needed. Perception becomes thought and memory to breed concepts and theories. Therefore software is needed to run all that. Mind auto-creates dynamic software of theories and concepts within mind to implement the mind.

When you see, touch, hear, and feel perception is created. When you saw a flower for the first time perception is created. Next time you might call it a flower because perception birthed the thought that accompanies it. A flower becomes data. Now you do need a mind to cognise the flower but you may see it unconsciously to let neurons use data.

Neurons are conscious because of the consciousness in us. Neurons on their own are not conscious. Cognition happens because of consciousness. Cognition could either be conscious or unconscious cognition. In actuality, when you are conscious being, you may also look at the flower in the flower-ness of its being fully conscious. When accompanied by thought it reduces to data, a name.

Human body is a device. We use the body as a device. But we don’t consider body as a device. We consider that we are the body. We use mind as the mind. But we consider that we are the mind.

In fact, mind is made of senses. Existence has a mind of its own. Consciousness is the sum of all senses manifested and invisible in existence. Mind is divided into functional parts one which can store information, one for pleasure, one for optical vision, one for cognition, one for measurement, one for hearing, one for feeling, one for language, one for fear, one for enjoyment ecstasy and so on.

In aeons of existence, human mind has become a repository of huge data. Therefore, a dangerous situation is created, man is talking, dreaming, and desiring unconsciously during day and night. And one has become one’s thought. You are not your thought. But you think you are your thought. I am not my own thought. An ego is created by thought.

Ego is like malware which has hacked your mind. Now, your mind not only creates illusion but mind has become an illusion. It keeps making you unhappy.

Mind is not a reality. When you dream in thoughts during the day, reality confronts you and your dream is under dreamt. In sleep, your dream is fully dreamt because actual reality is not there to confront the dream. Dreams and thoughts are data-led.

We are living a life we have assumed as a pre-assumption, a thought. A life driven on pre-assumption is a data-driven life, a kind of black magic that is cast on you. You are captivated to think as if you are the mind. But you are not the mind.

All senses are auto-hypnotic. We get captivated first by body then mind then ego then culture society and so on. Our Society is built on the artificiality of ego and society and culture are lost to the malware.

Mind is hacked by the ego which disguises as mind and makes your mind think that you are the mind. You are not the mind. It lends you an artificial life. It creates a world. You live in your own world of ego. No one else lives in it. Everyone has created a world to live in. ‘One World’ is a utopian dream. Everyone lives in a different world captivated by the malware.

Seers say ego is a wound. But ego is a magnet. It lures happiness. Because ego in the first place is unhappiness. The unhappiness of ego feels you unhappy. It breeds desire for happiness. Ego wants to fulfil the desire. If a desire is fulfilled ego instantly desires a bigger desire than the one fulfilled. That makes you greatly unhappy like never before.

Even God cannot remove this malware from your operating system. You have to reboot your operating system. Because your mind creates it and lets your body and mind be taken by it. Let’s meet this malware eye to eye. You desire happiness for that you run after money to lose your money and assets in the end. Life loots you. Life cheats your money wealth assets relations. In the first place it was the ego that takes over you making you unhappy because you never meet it eye to eye in the first place.

You call yourself a body. You call yourself a mind. Then you are mesmerised by your ego and you forget who you are. You live like the one under a spell.

Obsessed under the spell you stay unfulfilled. Because malware creates a gap. Ego is a gap. It creates a gap between you and fulfilment. Desire is a gap between you and fulfilment. So far the desire would be there you will always be unfulfilled. So ego wants you to be happy. Understand the magic spell that corrupts your operating system. Ego wants you to be happy and creates a desire for making you happy. Desire is a gap between you and fulfilment. So by desiring you will never be happy. If you look at it with penetrating eyes, it means that you want to be happy again. You want to end up exactly there where you began from. Because you were never unhappy in the first place. Understand the spell. That you are not happy is the trick of the ego to enchant you.

You are born blissful. Thoughts are data-driven and mind is like a camera that keeps shooting. Camera cannot shoot its own picture. Therefore, mind cannot be conscious of the mind. Your being has to be conscious of your mind. Living in a world of data-driven thoughts, mind ensures that you stay unconscious to let your life be in the hands of your ego. Because when you are not conscious of your being, by default mind will ensure that all that you do is data-led. The whole journey of mind and ego lead you to be unconscious continuously in your life to make you fully unconscious when you are dead.

To reboot your operating system, be conscious in the now-ness of your being. Data-driven thoughts are perishable. In wakefulness, they perish when your system no more needs them. Therefore, go see the flower in the flower-ness of its being. Sit in the now-ness of your being. Don’t die unconsciously live consciously.

The author is a spiritual teacher. He can be reached at arunavlokitta@gmail.com