Ready to tie up with Rajini if ideologies match: Kamal Haasan


Chennai: On his second day of election campaign in Virudhunagar, to a question of him and Rajinikanth joining hands for the Assembly elections, Kamal Haasan said: “We both have come for change. We can decide only after Rajinikanth announces his political ideology clearly, then we will talk. We are just a phone call away. If our ideologies are similar and if that benefits the people, we are ready to throw away our ego and ready to cooperate with each other.”

This comment comes at the time when Rajinikanth has announced that he will start his political party in January. 

Kamal Haasan also took a swipe at AIADMK for the ministers taking exception of Kamal Haasan appropriating former Chief Minister MGR ahead of the elections. Responding to remarks by ministers against him, during his campaign in Virudhunagar, Haasan said: “There are some people claiming proprietary over MGR and saying that Kamal Haasanis appropriating him. I know him as ‘Makkal Thilagam’ and when he was in DMK, he was not called ‘DMK Thilagam’. These Ministers who talk about MGR haven’t even seen his face in person, but I grew up sitting on his lap. These people don’t know anything because they don’t read or see any pictures. The entire state will claim MGR as theirs, if these people continue to say that MGR is their property, then people will teach them a lesson and will show who should sit on MGR’s lap.”

After making the comment, Kamal Haasan also tweeted a video of him with MGR. 

Political analysts say that Kamal Haasan is trying to shelve his image of being close to the ruling government in the state and project himself as a